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In sailing ships, and use a lot of pneumatic fittings, but able to expand into the field of pneumatic fittings factory in this small, because of its pneumatic fittings particularly high reliability requirements, must be certified by the International Machinery.Pneumatic fittings is a very common element, we had better learn more about some of its knowledge. Broadly speaking, pneumatic tools is to use compressed air driven pneumatic motor and the kinetic energy of external work output of a tool, in accordance with its basic work can be divided into: Rotary pneumatic fittings.Sometimes in order to ensure reliable and had to sacrifice life indicators, therefore, pneumatic system of self-diagnostic function that the agenda, the additional life expectancy of such self-diagnosis function components and systems under development. High life, high reliability and self-diagnostic function.

Fifty million times the life of the cylinder valve and 3000 km have been commercialized, but in the textile machinery, there is a high frequency valve life demands more than 100 million times, preferably up to 2 million times. This requirement, the existing elastic seal valve difficult to achieve, which makes sealing gap to regain attention. Numatics companies have a valve, with gap sealing, ventilation valve in the valve body was later suspended state, the formation of friction-free movement, as well as from the dust-proof function, valve life can be more than 200 million times Although this is an old product, or worth learning. It with mechanical devices with multiple functions, an increasing number of connections not only increases the installation and maintenance workload, and also easily fail and affect reliability, so wire system improvements also Wei pneumatic fittings and systems designers of the pie.

Most of pneumatic fittings for automated production line, component failures often affect the entire line of operation, the production line of a sudden stop, causing serious damage, for which the work of the pneumatic fittings with high reliability requirements. Air filters and air pressure conditioning components and tool accessories.Reciprocating General pneumatic tool parts mainly by power output, operating some form of conversion, intake and exhaust road section to open and stop the operation control part, tool case and so the main part, of course, the operation of pneumatic tools must also be part of the energy supply. Many of Use pneumatic fittings, such as rolling mills, textile production line and other, during working hours can not the quality pneumatic fittings interrupted otherwise caused enormous losses to pneumatic fittings of the operational reliability, therefore it is very important.

Widespread use of oil-free lubrication technology, meet certain specific requirements. Because of environmental pollution as well as electronic, medical, food and other industries of the requirements,that not allowed in there is oil, so no air oil lubrication is the developing trend at the same time no oil lubrication can be simplify the system. Pneumatic fittings is very important.Lubricator European market is already out of the product, generally done without oil lubrication. In addition, in order to meet certain special requirements. Requirements of a chemical company in Jiangsu supply of the life of pneumatic fittings in the set is absolutely reliable, due regardless of whether they can continue to use, full replacement. Here also proposed various components life balance, and other so called life design.

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