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When it comes to blogging and getting paid for it opportunities can be few and far between. There are maybe a handful of reputable companies that will pay you to publish blog posts. These companies act as middlemen for you and the sponsoring company. There is 1 company that I can comfortably recommend: Social Spark The key thing that sets Social Spark apart from other “Pay you to blog” sites is their automatic use of the no follow tag. {for more info on the no follow tag visit this post.) That leads me to believe they’re a company with integrity and respect for the bloggers they work with. Getting started with Social Spark is quick and easy. Simply visit Social and click on the button that says “get started”. Click on sign up under “Publisher” when it asks if you’re a publisher or advertiser. Fill in your information and wait for the confirmation email…. Confirm your email then the fun begins.How to Add a Blog to Social Spark

Once your email is confirmed, log in to your Social Spark account. Point your mouse to the top right area of the screen where it says “account”. In the drop down menu click on “your properties”. This is where you’ll add your blog(s) to get started making money with Social Spark. Fill in the details of your blog. For the tags you should choose relevant topics to your blog. Choose as many or as few as you’d like. “General” is a good one to have too unless your blog is in a very tight niche. Now that you have your blog added to Social Spark you can allow access to your Google Analytics (if you need help with Google Analytics, please see this post), change your prices and add new blogs. When you get a lead you can negotiate the price or show interest. A lead doesn’t mean you’ve gotten that opportunity. When you get an offer that means you can decide whether or not you want to work with the advertiser and write the post. Offers are the money makers. Good luck and have fun!

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