Text Link Brokers Ranks #10 in Best Link Building Companies

The independent authority on search vendors, topseos.com, has announced the best Link Building Companies for January 2011. An independent research team that was assigned to the SEO category reviewed each applicant in order to determine the best Link Building companies. TextLinkBrokers made its presence as one of the top players in the rankings for this month in a field of thousands worldwide.

An extensive review was completed and the research team evaluated the services of TextLinkBrokers, a full service link building company dedicated to providing the most effective Link Building, SEO, and Reputation Management services. Since 2003, TextLinkBrokers have helped thousands of companies build long term organic rankings on the search engines. Their innovative, full service, Link Building Services combined with our unparalleled expertise in creating long term strategies is the foundation that allows them to deliver consistent results and high ROI’s.

While other companies claim they can do link building, TextLinkBrokers specializes in it. It is the core of their business and has helped thousands of clients navigate through the complexities of dealing with an ever changing set of rules. Every year, the search engines make it more difficult for the average webmaster to obtain top rankings. While others struggle to keep up, TextLinkBrokers keep adding new and unique services on a regular basis.

Troy Ireland, Chief Executive Officer of TextLinkBrokers.com, shares, “It’s important to note that not only is it essential to pick the right types of links, its also important how and when they are built. Some of our programs are so new and effective that we don’t dare reveal their details on our website. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and remember its not just about the links its about the strategy. Many link builders fail because they do not follow the correct methodologies. TextLinkBrokers.com is the leading link building company because we understand how to create long term results.” …

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